Fantasy Kdrama's to watch in 2021

1. Tale of the nine tailed - 구미호뎐 (Gumihodyeon)

starring Lee Dong Wook and Cho Bo Ah , this fantasy drama is about a male nine tailed fox who is waiting to see his first love again after the complications they had to go through in the past . Lee Yeon played by Lee Dong Wook used to be the god of a mountain but left his position to look after his first love Nam Ji Ah played by Cho Bo Ah. As they come to meet each other again they are faced with many difficulties but will love win this time ?

We highly recommend this for fantasy lovers as there is a good mix of action , romance and dramatic scenes but beside this the chemistry between the lead actors is really good both on screen and off screen. Also

joining the lead actors is Kim Sang Bum , he returned to the screens after many years of absence and also after the completion of his military duties . He Plays the half brother of Lee Yeon and you could say they have a love hate relationship the development of his character was very satisfying.

overall we give this series 8/10 . If you watch it let us know your thoughts.

where to watch ? - Tale of the Nine-Tailed | Rakuten Viki

2.Angels Last mission : Love - 단, 하나의 사랑 ( Dan, Hanaui Sarang)

Another great fanatsy drama starring Kim Myung Soo and Shin Hye Sun . Shin Hye sun plays Lee yeon seo a successful ballerina at fantasia ballet company but after suffering an accident her career and dreams are torn apart , On the other hand Kim Dan played by Kim Myung Soo is an optimistic , caring and kind angel which receives a mission to make lee yeon seo believe in love in order to return to heaven.

There are many emotional and beautiful scenes especially if you like ballet this is such a joy to watch . the storyline and the fantasy contents are not unrealistic.Also musics are excellent. We give this series 8/10 .

Where to watch - Angel’s Last Mission: Love | Rakuten Viki / Angel's Last Mission: Love | Netflix

3. The king : Eternal Monorach - 더 킹: 영원의 군주 (Deo King: Yeong-won-ui Gunju)

This is another interesting fantasy drama which wa aired in 2020 . starring the famous actor LEE Min Ho and Kim Go Eun. This is about the abilities of a king to travel between two parallel worlds to find out the person who saved him when his father was murdered. The aesthetics and cinematography of this series are excellent with really good musics however the ending was not as expected but we think it is still worth the watch as you will be swiped of your feet with the chemistry and duality of actors in the series as they portray themselves in both worlds .The cast also has great friendship off screens and they regularly meet up .

We give this series 7/10

Where to watch - The King: Eternal Monarch | Netflix Official Site

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