Ates Bocegi - The End

Hello long time no talk right ? life sometime gets very busy and overwhelming .

the beautiful and touching story of ates bocegi came to an end about two weeks ago when I heard the news I was got very sad because a series which such great and talented actor and strong scenario could have made it to a second season but as they say it was its destiny .

It has been long since I wrote about the beautiful AsBar towards the end they had a very hard time fighting for their family , their pride , their love but I am happy that love was the winner however I think the way baris told the story of the accident and his lies to asli could have been in a better way or a better place that scene was very intense and the most waited scene of the whole series and I can say that seckin and nilay did an absolutely amazing performances .

Coming to he other characters I loved how ilayda was treated in the last episode I think she deserved that a little bit and hakan really made me be proud of him he changed as person and stated accepting the reality and getting to know the bad people in the world such as ilayda I think he realised that being honest with himself is what he needed to be calm and peaceful from within and that is what we all need I think .

Teo and gul had a sweet ending as well as they got married also arzu and barbo , I wish we could see AsBar's wedding but hey lets all imagine it in our mind ill leave it to your imagination .

Overall the last episode still had me hooked on the screen and we all know that this kind of chemistry between two actors that seckin and nilay had is very rare to find I hope other producers use this beautiful couple again either in a movie or a series .

let me know what you thought of ates bocegi and the ending.


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