Asli Enver - Unique Women

Asli Enver talented , sweet , kind , beautiful the list is very long.

From her acting to her beauty and kindness every time I am amazed I say "wow" every time , she has such a sweet soul , no ego even though with where she is at the moment many people would have a big ego , many would have lost their honestly with this amount of success .

Lets go back and see when she started this sucessful and bright journey of hers .

she started her acting career in 2002 she was born in London and lived there until she was 12 .

her fame came from a series called kavak yelleri which was on air from 2007 to 2011 asli played as mine ergun who was a interpreter after she just kept on climbing the ladder of success her most recent series is istanbullu gelin which is currently on air she plays as sureyya a young a, talented and independent women and I have to say her exceptional performance blows me away every time she truly makes you believe the story and feelings of sureyya .

One of her popular movie roles is zeynep in kardesim benim movie which she played with burak ozcivit and murat boz .

since that movie she has gained so many more fans and she deserve them and more .

Overall I see asli as a very talented actress of turkey I am so happy to see her at a place she desrve to be and I know that she continue to shien even more brighter .

wishing her all the best <3

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