Meryem - SavMer ?

For me Meryem is a very deep and meaningful series sometimes it can get a little bit tiring because its full of deep and sad emotions so in the past 2 weeks I have been a little turnt off BUT savmer are opening up to each other and I have to say I loved those scenes between meryem and savas when their love story starts it will be innocent love , one of those that will make you cry they will heal each others pains or this is what I want their love story to be like .

The chemistry is definitely there between furkan and ayca I just think if they keep on dragging the story with oktay and beliz rather than savas and meryem it will impact the ratings badly but for now I think they are in the right direction as in the trailers they have hinted at savmer there is no love at the moment but there is definitely empathy and that opens up many doors for love because if you empathy that means you care .

Beside this a very popular couple of the series are also burcu and guclu and I have to say I love them too they are really funny especially guclu I am very curious to know how burcu will open up to guclu I am not so sure about her feelings towards him she seems to be very close about them but guclu definitely has strong feelings and we can clearly see them :D

lets see what the next episode brings for our couples let me know what you also think :)

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