Ates Bocegi - So close yet so far

Ates bocegi is playing with all of our feelings but in a good way , episode 9 and 10 were full of actions and new adventures just what we want for our couple AsBar .

In episode 10 we were all waiting for the love confession from baris but I think the key point is that we have stepped forward as cahida saw baris and asli at the end nearly kissing .

their adventure was really fun , intense and romantic this time I especially loved that scene where asli came down the stairs all dressed up and baris was so amazed his reaction was perfect .

Also I really liked the fact that baris changed his staratges about telling asli to go to law school by making her go to the court I thought that was a smart move as we saw asli was definitely enjoying herself and was dreaming about herself as a lawyer one day .

Lets talk about ilayda and hakan because I think many people found them a good match and I think they are too I would love to see ilayda change and be in love with hakan we can already see that she gets excited and likes when he is showing his feeling to her , but of course we have sidika and sirin that also want him .

As I said earlier I really liked the last scene I really want baris to tell cahide that the girl she calls the driver girl is actually the little girls auntie that they owe a lot too also I think they will defnelty open to each other in episode 11 lets hope we will see a asbar kiss this week :D

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