Cagatay Ulusoy - shinning star

Like many other male actors he stepped into the acting career by winning in the best model of turkey competition .

he reached fame by a series called "Feriha" even to this day its one of the those unforgettable series and emir the character he played is still remembered by many people .

After this sucessful series he came back to our TV screens with Medcezir which was also a huge success and the series has been sold o many other countries which is why Cagatay is a well known Turkish actor not just in turkey but in other countries too .

personally I think medcezir was such a complete series filled with action , drama , romance and all the characters were written so well they all had their own stories and past which I believe its important in attracting viewers .

Recently Cagatay starred in the popular series "icerde" which was also one of turkey's most watched series this yea and I have to say he showed his amazing talent and skills to read more about his performance in icerde read our icerde- drowning in emotion post :)

As for his movies the most poplar one is delibal which he played with Leyla Lydia tugutlu and I have to say the story , the acting , the production was absolutely perfect and on point if you haven't watched this movie I highly recommend it

Overall Cagatay has only played in a few series yet in every single one he has been sucessful so without doubt he is one of turkeys shinning stars .


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