Ates Bocegi - Love Confess

The more and more that I watch ates bocegi the more I realise how good the actors are and how the whole story is quite nicely written .

In the past 2 episodes we saw it was in fact hakan that had hit asli's niece , we saw the consequences of that news baris heart broken just as he accepted his feelings for asli he confessed his feeling to teo and made it clear that he wants to keep her away from himself to stop hurting her .

In all the series there is always a marathon of getting the two main characters together lots of things happen before they finally get peace and we are exactly at that stage baris is in love with asli but doesn't know if its right to go with his feelings or his logic If I am honest its a very though decision asli on the other hand is going with her feelings even though baris told her not to come to him .

In the most recent episode (9) we saw that baris got very jealous of asli I wish we could see more of the realisation form asli , because just a friend wouldn't get this jealous to a point where he had a fight with the other guy emrah .

but I felt like we didn't see that feeling of oh he has feelings for me from asli yet baris shows his feelings a lot .

Beside all of this the performance of all actors is extraordinary from umit (hakan) to baris and even asli's niece they are all great actors and I think all the viewers were more than impressed with their performances .

I especially was blown away by asli's performance in episode 9 where she was crying in the shower nilay deniz lives as the characters and I love that !

I am sure in the coming episodes we are going to see more arguments but also lots of romantic scenes because everyone is waiting for that moment that asli and baris become official .

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