Meryem - secrets revealed

Savas's hate for meryem grew so much that he burned her bakery shop , can we first of all appreciate their amazing performance in that scene and the beautiful capturing of emotions for me that scene was breath taking my eyes were stuck on the screen I went into a shock but what followed was so right that it made me realise again why I choose this series the way savas risked his life for meryem and the way he protected her from the fire showed his true personality also he realised an important thing which was that meryem is innocent as he said to guclu a women who risked her life for a bird couldn't have left a women dying .

Beside this he caught her talking to her dad and at the end of episode 4 everything clicked for savas because even though meryem could runway from him she still stayed and was taking care of him also another big piece of puzzle was revealed as meryem found out that it was in fact savas that saved her from the fire and not oktay , the viewers were very happy that meryem is finally seeing the true face of oktay .

I also really started to like guclu as he showed his friendship with savas is more than just a friendship but in fact more like brotherhood also the fact that he liked burcu the inspector is another reason I feel like in the coming episodes burcu and guclu will work together to find out the secrets that oktay and derin are hiding .

Episode 3 was the reveal of many things for both savas and meryem I am curious to know if that will change the way they are towards each other .

don't forget to watch the new episode on Wednesday 20.00 on kanald .

If you haven't watched episode 3 here is the summary :)

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