No309 - season finali

Episode 57 starts with Lale saying sorry to her aunt and Onur and Lale discuss her and he asks her to be careful. On the other hand everyone except for Songül are having fun.... Şadi and Fikret are taking interest in Lale's aunt.Samet and Kurtulus are planning start their work... They open a restaurant and are happy. Filiz is worried for Erol's behavior and asks Onur for help and he agrees.Lale tells Onur that she can help as his assistant. 

Lale starts working but at first she ruins everything but then she works hard and succeeds.They doubt Lale's aunt for her behavior and she is busted because she says that they should go together but then a she receives a phone call and she makes an excuse that she will leave together. 

In episode 58 as Lale's aunt is busted she makes an excuse that she had ordered a surprise for the shop... Lale and Onur try to have romantic moment but emir does not let that happen, Lale's aunt is asked to leave the house so she leaves and goes to Onur's uncle's house and on the other hand Erol is handling everything nicely and Onur is surprised and happy to see him working like this. Onur plans their trip so they can spend their time together. Hülya now start staying with Onur's parents and and plays emotionally with Fikret for money. 

Erol gets to know that özge is back and calls his mother and they work on the plan they made. Kurtulus and Samet are surprised to see no one in the restaurant so everyone in the family helps them. Betül goes to Özge's house and returns happily. Onur finds out about the money so he asks his father and Fikret says it was for my friend. Onur and Lale plan their travelling. Betül blackmails Hulya so that she can help her but she says no. Lale faints and t and they think that she is pregnant. In the final episode they think that she is pregnant the starts thinking about it that how will she tell Onur. They have a romantic and a cute scene where he tells he that he can't think of the second child she says why? He says because we can't take care of one so how will we handle two but she says we are Onur says first let's go for a holiday then we will think about it, on the other hand Nilofer also tells Kurtulus. Erol and Betul chase Hulya and blackmail her . 

Nilofer and Lale go for the test but Lale is said that she is but Nilofer isn't an they are tensed that how will they tell their husbands. Nilofer and kurtulus are disappointed. Erol talk about Özge. Yildiz gets tensed as she gets to know about Özge. Onur is tense so he visits Lale. 

Lale and the girls have a night out and the guys too. Bula plans something else for Betul. Lale tries to tell him but can't. Onur and Yildiz have a talk about Özge. Samet and Nergis have a talk where Nergis says th that she likes his but as a brother and friend. Its Lale's birthday and Nilofer gets to know that she is pregnant not Lale is not and Onur is told that he has a daughter. 

The no309 team produced 59 great episodes we ate excited to see what the new season brings .

Let us know of you liked these episode reviews and if we shoukd continue them . 

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