Meryem - Love and Hate

Meryem one of those series that brings all of your emotions out , makes you think I have to say I quite like these kind of stories sometime we need a way to let our emotions out personally these type of series make me do that .

Lets start with characters savas in my opinion is romantic and emotional at heart , he stands up for his right and is very independent , the way he showed his emotions for his dying fiancée was so touching not many men show their feelings like that but its ok to be weak sometimes .

I was amazed by furkan andic's performance I have watched his series before but in Meryem I think he has definitely made himself proud the emotional scenes , the fighting scenes , the love scenes were so real that everyone felt savas's pain when he lost his fiancée .

Meryem a beautiful , innocent girl maybe a little too innocent , suddenly she finds herself in the middle of a disaster , getting jailed for murder of not only one but 2 lives again I think ayca's performance is outstanding and she has such a pretty face that playing an innocent character really suits her many people say that she is too nice but I believe if you really love someone then you would do something meryem did because she truly trusts okaty but I think we all want that to change we want her to see his true face and I think with the help of savas she will and both of them will take revenge of him .

overall I think the story line is very strong and I find it hard to predict what is going to happen next which is good because the viewers will not miss any episode .

personally I am very excited for the coming episodes I am curious to know how savas and meryem will become close and how savas's anger and hate will calm down.

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