Seçkin Özdemir - Legendary Man

Seckin Ozdemir the man with eyes like magnet ? :) before writing this post I searched around the web about him and on twitter everyone was talking about his eyes and how the way he looks at people is so attractive .

I think his looks are very deep he looks with feeling where as most of us might use our facial expressions to show our feelings , I think one of the features that makes him unique is this beside him being a very handsome man of course .

Lets start with his career I have personally followed him since bir ask hikayesi series ( a love story) next I saw him in aci ask , then he came back on or screens in kiralik ask's second season as pamir and now he is starring in this summer's loved series Ates Bocegi .

I have to say I always knew that seckin was a good actor but in ates bocegi I really felt he is a very talented actor he has so much to offer both in dramatic scenes and in romantic scenes its going to come across as cliché but I really can see a bright future for this legendary man .

Now let me tell you about his kind personality , recently I have been a close follower of him and his fans and everyday I see how he is such a sweet and kind person especially towards his fans he doesn't have any ego he is him and that is so important when you become famous or someone that people know most people change even if they resist but in my opinion seckin hasn't changed he has kept his personality I know this because when I was wathing he interviews from 2012 for example and comparing it to his interview in 2017 I couldn't see a difference .

Beside this his friendship with his partners are also something that fans appreciate and as I have said before I think this is a very important trait to have if you are working in this field .

Also you might be surprised if I tell you that he use to work in radio programs and that he has a few songs and his voice is really good so an actor and singer we don't call him legendary for nothing .

Overall I see a very bright and future for him and I have no doubt in that he is going to be one of turkey's successful actors Seckin Ozdemir stay legendary :)

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