Ates Bocegi - Game of love

Where should I start I am so addicted to this love story already and they are not even close to being lovers with so many problems in their way but we live by hoping I guess that's what baris buka is doing he knows that he is starting to have feelings for asli but also knowns that he is lying to her and that he needs to tell her the truth but if he does he will most likely lose her .

I think we all have been in similar situations one of the reasons we are scared o love might be this because we are afraid to lose that person or that thing we love but remember you only live once take all the chances and the risk .

Episode four was not so exciting in my opinion beside the fact we got to know a little bit more about asli and baris's past also baris found out what actually happened between asli and ilayda .

in my opinion the best scene was where baris said sorry I didn't trust you to asli that showed his personality to the viewers that he isn't full of ego and that he has some feelings for asli .

However episode five was so good and exciting that even now that I am writing his I am still getting excited and happy over the scenes we had , from the part in which asli looked absolutely beautiful in hat red dress which swept baris away to that little adventure where they had to pretend they were in love .

The way he protected her and the way she got jealous when that girl was touching him was so sweet I also loved the way asli kept saying "askiim" meaning my love to baris .

we also got to see their first dance which was so beautiful even I felt nervous watching it ;)

and let me tell you about that part where asli poured the bucket of water all over herself because she saw baris topless it was just PERFECT !

I am very excited for the next episode the teasers look amazing , there will be another dance scene waiting for us but of course ilayda and sidika will not be watching they will be up to some trouble again .

Also let us know your opinion and below is my favourite scene of episode 5 .

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