Ates Bocegi - is it the end for AsBar ?

Episode 3 ended intensely with asli saying she cant work with baris if she has to see ilayda again which is fair enough ilayda is one of those annoying characters in the story where it uses every opportunity to insult the good character n this case asli .

I was quite annoyed at the fact that asli didn't tell baris why she doesn't want to work with ilayda anymore but I am sure in the next episode he will find out.

Other than that teo and gul are really starting to have a little story as well personally I find gul really funny and cute and teo is such an honest character you cant do anything but love him.

Lets go back to asli and baris after that hug asli got really confused but it was quite disappointing that they left the question open for the viewers I think they writer is showing baris feelings by his gestures like taking asli for lunch and of course hose deep meaningful looks even gets me think baris might like me.

Overall the episode was quite interesting especially the boat scene I love seeing baris jealous but I don't want that to ruin his relationship with asli.

I have big hopes for episode 4 I think baris will show his feelings more which might scare asli a little bit we shall wait and see .

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