No309- The kids get lost

So this week's episode was a sweet one, the episode starts with them Lale and Onur having a family time with their child and then Onur and Kurtulus bet with Lale and Nilofer that they can take care of their children better than them and they do so but the other day Gulshah, Kurtulus's daughter on the return from the park wanted to go again to the park so that she could play but Onur and Kurtulus say that they have work she then with Emir goes on a walk and Onur finds no one there.  

Onur and Kurtulus try to find them but can't them... Everyone from Onur's family gets to know the situation and he tells Lale about the situation and this makes them tensed but then a woman finds Gulshah and calls Songul... Songul brings them back to their parents who are happy to see them... Onur gets a call that they found Lale's aunt and they go to tell the family. 

Next episode we are introduced to lales aunt lest see what secrets she is going to tell.

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