Dilan Deniz - Future Star Girl

Turkey's young talented girl Dilan Deniz is the reason I am writing today from winning the miss turkey 2014 and competing in miss universe competition to playing her first series in the Turkish version of pretty little liars and now working on a series which is going to have a second season I think she stated this journey very strong , her first series was loved by a lot of viewers then she stared in a small role in the successful series Gunesion kizlari and as I said now she is playing as Su in Bodrum masali but what made me write this post was the fact that at such a young age she is currently studying a 2 months intense acting course at the American academy that is a big achievement Dilan !

For those who don't know much about the American Academy its one of the most famous acting schools in Hollywood many of the known Hollywood actors and actresses have graduated from there so I am very happy and proud to see such a young and beautiful girl achieving her dreams .

Beside this Dilan's personality Is something that we cant go with mentioning she is such a sweet yet mature girl that people from all age can connect to her ,

she is always looking at ways to improve her self personally and professionally she also lives a very healthy lifestyle too , which is a very good trait to have especially that so many young girls are looking up to her as their role model.

I am beyond excited to see her journey to see how she will make her dreams a reality but mostly I am excited to see the changes in her acting after graduating from the academy so don't miss Bodrum masali's second season .

Best of luck to our talented girl Dilan .

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