Tolga Saritas- Blue eyed boy

Tolga saritas the blue eyed boy ? I used this because I think "mavi" is one of his most popular nicknames .

as I have said before I think celebrities have one show which they get known from for tolga it was definitely Gunesion kizlari he played Ali a boy who never received the love and attention he deserved from his parents then meet selin and their love story is still alive alsel fandom is strong just like alsel's love story.

They managed to create a very believable sweet and strong love story that even made some of viewers ask if they were actually dating .

For so many alsel is unforgettable and I get why they had something special , they were able to show pain true their love but also hope at the same time.

Beside his talent at picking good scenarios he is also a very kind , positive , sweet and talented guy not mentioning the good looks of course ,in the interviews and videos that I have seen from him I can definitely say he has a very big heart and a golden voice ? I am sure you have heard him sing his voice is just as soothing and attractive as his personality .

Currently starring in Soz a young soldier who is fighting for his country I told you he makes very good choices and for this reasons I am sure he will be a very bright star in the Turkish world .

To finish everything off I invite you to listen to this song by the blued eyed boy himself hope you enjoy.

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