Ates Bocegi - Love at first sight ?

Summer shows are here :) I have to say I was very excited to start the summer series because in the past few moths non of the series really attracted me but I think ates bocegi is definitely one that I will watch every episode .

Ates bocegi meaning glow worm is asli's nickname in the show , asli a strong , independent young girl who is working as a taxi driver to provide money for her family is played by the beautiful and talented nilay deniz .

I first came across nilay in a series called Ask yeniden which if you haven't watched di totally think you should , she played quite a simple fun and understanding girl called selin her chemistry with her partner was really good and I think its all because of her own personality because in her past projects she has also shown a very sweet relationship with her partners including berk atan and now seckin ozdemir .

seckin is also an actor that I came across a few years ago in a series called 'bir Ask hikayesi' meaning a love story after that I saw him in aci ask and kiralik ask and hands down I have to say he is very charismatic and his eyes are something that can attract viewers to the tv screen :) .

over the years my standard for what series like to watch has changed a lot but ates bocegi has something different to offer although if you look at it from outside it seems like the romantic comedies we have watched before but actually there is a very strong base to the story ,years ago a car which was owned by baris's family was stolen and it was used to hit a young girl with it and that young girl is asli's sister baris who is a lawyer wants to solve this case before they can blame him and his family so he offers asli a job as a his personal driver but even from the first episode I can tell that he has feelings for her those long stares are not with empty feelings is it love at first sight ? I don't think its love but the spark is there between baris and asli .

I think both nilay and seckin have managed to show a very good chemistry both on screen and off and this is positive point for the success of he show , the scenario is good as I said an the cast are very carefully chosen I have very high hope for this show .

If you also want to see their story like me make sure to watch it every Thursday 20.00 Turkish time on star tv .


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