No309- Summer Episodes

As we have been a litlle behinde on no309 episode reveiws i have put all 3 episodes into one post hope you enjoy them .

Episode 52 So as the episode starts the couple and the family is confused about Songul’s decision about Onur bringing his family so they can ask her daughter’s hand for Onur’s. The viewers experienced beautiful moments of lalon. Lale also thinks that Onur will purpose her again.

Onur and Lale go fo a walk and there Onur brings a kite and they spend a sweet moment but she is disappointed as he does not purpose to her, He then takes her out for cycling and again she is disappointed until they are invited by dr.Pinar, there Onur surprises everyone with his grand entry and purposes to Lale.

Lale and Onur are happy and wait for the next day where Songul and Yildiz again have a fight and everything is ruined.

Episode 53 - As the fight made Lale and Onur tensed, Onur’s grandmother came to the rescue and goes to dr.Pinar to resolve the matter between them and he does that, but the dr.Pinar asks Lale to know about her father which makes Lale uncomfortable. She shares this with her family but everyone including her disagrees first but then the sisters agree to know and confront him. Lale and Onur begin their quest to find her dad but their struggle went all in vain. So as to make lighter mood, Onur offers them to go on vacation together and they all agree and get happy. Overall the episode was fine but the next episode looks promising.

Episode 54 - this episode was all about sweet, cute and romantic moments. The episode starts with the families checking in but Lale misses emir and Onur comforts her and then we experiences some romantic moments between them which were beautifully written. Can it happen that Erol and Betul miss this opportunity? NEVER! So they all also join them and try to make things difficult. On the other hand Onur and Kurtulus plan a surprise for their ladies which is shown in the end that they are married officially. As they say all is well that ends well so they all have a happily ever after.

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