Elcin Sangu - Shinning Bright

Imagine a women with red hair , light skin ,hazel eyes , petite body yes that's Elcin Sangu she is such a unique face in the Turkish cinema her looks , her expressions , her skills she has something different something more than perhaps the other actresses something that was absent in turkey's cinema , not forgetting the warm and sweetness of her personality.

kiralik ask was the shinning place for her I am sure everyone agrees with me , a romantic comedy that started in the summer and became so successful that it continued to have 2 seasons .

In my previous post I referred to kiralik ask as a phenomenon series and I still believe that the casting was so on point all the characters were portrayed so well that to this day I see the support of their fans .

since this post is in particular about Elcin Sangu I don't want to open up too much about the series but Defne the so loved girl of kiralik ask which Elcin played as was a big success I think one of the main reasons for that is how relatable Defne wastherefore allowed the audience to easily connect to her character and follow her journey her life of course Elcin's acting skills played a major role in this success Defne's sweet expressions , her inner voice , clumsiness , feelings etc were all created by Elcin and these were just the things I could remember from the top of my head .

In my opinion Elcin has a very successful journey in this career she has a new series and a movie coming soon I hope she has chosen carefully also I am looking forward to see how she wins the heart and eyes of people again with new characters as she made Defne so hard to forget.

Wishing her all the best in her new projects I am jus as excited as you are for her return .

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