Kara Sevda 73 - The calm before the storm or the storm before the calm?

A horror, the first scene of the episode that would hint the direction of the whole night. Indeed it was horror all night long, of course alongside with agony, stress, anger, sadness and as we are all used to a roller coaster of emotions altogether.

Finding and rescuing Deniz and Zeynep from the hands of the helpless, evil almighty Emir had ending as he himself predicted in his letter, "the three of us". Of course at the moment that Kemal read inside of him the sentence "Our end will be uttered by Nihan's mouth" we did not quite imagined it as literally as Emir did. But he did prepare us nonetheless. All through the episode Emir was the one leading and leaving hints alongside the road for everyone to follow. To follow where? Of course to the absolute catastrophe. The same hell he lived in or rather the hell that is in him as he himself admitted to Zeynep.

Oh poor Zeynep and poor us that had the least amount of hope that she could be his salvation. And she could have, oh yes she could have but he is not able to be saved. He does not even know what is it to be saved, almost like a fear covered with what he thinks to be power. But what a fool he is. A fool that will not settle until everyone is as miserable as he is.

Every individual and force was after Emir but he was no where to found and on top of that he still was able to get his business done and if that was not enough he was able to showcase himself as a careless individual who is leaving holes in his plans. When Kemal, Hakan, Nihan and the est thought they had something on him it was an intentional clue to lead them towards him and to finish his mighty plan.

"My heart still desires to beat close to Nihan". I wonder even if it does beat. Viola!! This simple sentence started to shine a little light on the dark hole we were in. If only we knew Emir as Nihan does, if only.

At this point I still have not figured out whether if Vildan was with Deniz, as she was in Emir's plans and not Zeynep, would he still tie her to the bed with the intentions of burning her? Or did this turn of events turned out to his benefit? Did he thought ''Meh, I just kill two birds with one stone? Since Zeynep is one of my weaknesses and this is unacceptable so yes I have to destroy this weakness?" I have, I truly have tried and I know we all have tried to understand this soul. To understand the lack of love inside of him, because there is a lack of love to the extent that he perhaps can not recognize what love is.

One must be so broken, so damaged, so lost to show one day signs of caring and compassion, bowing down to innocence( Deniz, Poyraz), crying for mother's love the other dragging and forcing himself on others, kidnapping, preparing traps for others to fall in. And the tragic part is here. Those traps are not just for his enemies but mostly for his loved ones.

Emir's heart beats for Nihan as he claims bit he is weak enough to get what he want just by tricks and by forcing himself. He does not hesitate to portray her as a murderer just to have her for himself. He is not sad with the non stop tears that are falling down her face as sign of helplessness and torture. A deep pain we all felt and sympathized as we too cried terribly with her, but not him.

Emir's child, Poyraz, was in Zeynep's belly. His own blood as he so much valued. But once she lost the baby because of HIM, she became worthless to him? Can one be blind enough to say " You have always been precious to me" while tying their "precious" one to a bed to burn them ALIVE?

Perhaps she was precious in his plans...but then again is he smart enough to destroy all of his weaknesses in order for him to continue being strong which is interpreted to continue living in his own delusional world where he always get what he wants plus Nihan. Oh yes and Deniz.

The truth is that for me there is no surprise to what extent Emir's evil mind can extend or better put how evil can the writers make him. How helpless to no point of return, but I am surprised when others are. Others that have been so close to him and for example Zeynep. How can she ask him " What kinds of men you have become?" I must simply answer "He always has been like this".

Yes, yes I know we all had hopes, including me, Numerous of times. When his mother woke up and he got that missing piece back, when he reunited with his sister and I hoped they would realize who the real enemy is(Galip), when he actually had something going with Zeynep who gave him all, loved him and became pregnant with Poyraz. But it was all in vain.

It hurts me sometimes to think that while he could have a chance at happiness he himself destroyed that chance and stay obsessed with the one thing that will never bring you true happiness,

Yes I have talked more that what I intended on Emir but one simply can not stop when describing this character that is simply self destructive.

Will he have another chance? I highly doubt now that he is all alone with no one on his side. He is a done man.

As for Kemal, Nihan, Deniz, Asu, Zeynep, and the rest no one knows what beholds as their lives are somehow all tied to each other.

Of course what i have learned from this show is not to underestimate Kemal Soydere. Nonetheless my heart still broke when I saw him on his kneed begging Nihan to shoot him.

"For our Love, for our daughter". How far can one go? How much can one sacrifice for his loved ones? How much selfless?

What would you do if you were a mother? Chose the man you have been in love with madly for almost a decade or the fruit of you love( Deniz) ? How many challenges can a mother be put through? And how many times they would rather burn themselves rather than give up on their child?

Will Kemal be shot? We surely know now that he will not, but will the degree of horror last episode hit continue on to the Final episode as well? Or will be there surprises awaiting us?

the script is written and sealed. The last scenes are being filmed.

My heart is in pain. I feel devastated. ' Its just a show, its just a show" I keep telling myself but nothing is working. Nothing stop me getting emotional when I see the title of the LAST teaser.

two years it has been. Two years we all fought together with our couples and for their happiness. We went through so many emotions together ans felt so much as if we were in those situations. I am confident that the last episode will not leave us at rest and we will all go through all those emotions again for one last time or not if we are self-destructive enough to watch it all over again (hehe).

So for one last time my friends, Enjoy and don't stop you emotions, sad or happy. Let's live it all together.

See you on Wednesday my dark, dark family.

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