No309 - Lale and Onur's new beginning in life

The episode starts with the family psychologist giving them another assignment, that is they will start their lives from the very beginning as in they will flirt with each other and will live separately. Everyone except Lale and Onur do not like this suggestion and try to talk them out but it all goes in vain.So they accept it and act accordingly. They try hard to meet but they meet problems created by their family members. The last scene was the scene which wrapped the whole episode which showed that Songul asks Onur to bring his family so that they could give this relation a proper name.

The whole episode,was all so cutely directed that it put the smile all along. Overall the episode was nice and had much of lalon scenes for which the viewers had waited.Lets wait and see what the upcoming episodes will bring in Lale and Onur's life for the viewers.

#no309 #furkanpalali #lalon

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