Icerde - Drowning in emotion

where should I start , I have no idea , icerde one of turkeys most talked series of 2017 is the reason I am writing today .

I want to be honest police related ,action shows don't attract me and so I don't watch icerde on a daily basis but I see the emotional side I have to say I was in shock at how good ,professional and real aras is playing in this series the way he says the words touches your heart he lives in the moment what a great actor for Turkish cinema he has a very long and successful journey ahead of him .

Now lets talk about cagatay ulusoy we all know his amazing acting ability as he proved it to us in medcezir , delibal etc and to no surprise he is showing his skill again just like aras he lives as the character and I always say thats what successful actors do.

I don't want to talk too much mainly because I don't know how to explain my thoughts about these two legendary actors but also I want you to see for yourself and get the tissue box ready because even the cold hearted people will cry with these amazing acting

and the moment that everyone was waiting for.... umut meeting his mum after 20 years

#icerde #cagatayulusoy #arasbulutiynemli

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