No309 - Lale and Onur's romantic approach

Onur comes back home where everyone welcomes him warmly but is not giving any attention to Lale which makes her sad. Yildiz and Songul notice the tension between the two and go to the family psychologist for help and the psychologist tells them to talk to each other so that they can get to know each other more closely so they go to places and talk about themselves.They also take help from each other's families.

(The last scene was perfectly written and was perfectly executed by the actors.) Onur is called by Kurtulus saying he wants to talk and when reaches there, he is surprised to see everything beautifully decorated and everyone present there.He asks "what's going on?" that's when Lale comes and says "Onur this is your welcome party, we have gone through alot but this time i'm asking you in front of everyone that will you be my boyfriend."He says yes and this makes everyone is happy except Erol and Betul which again make a plan against them and try to poison the mind of the psychologist which makes the psychologist to change his decision and tell them to be as they were before (he will stay with his parents in their house and so will she).This makes them thinking.

The next episode promo looks cute as we can see that they will sneeky so that they can spend time together. Waiting for some cute scenes of our beloved Lale and Onur.

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