Adi Efsane - The secret is out

The bomb we all dreaded had been blown up. Yes that kiss that Hakkan did not see coming and which changed so much for him. That one kiss that made the wrong ones feel guilty and the ones that fought to feel guilty, liberated. Two brothers face to face with the truth spoken. In fact this episode might as well be mostly about secrets that were unveiled.

How can Fiko believe that his own brother kissed the girl he loved for 10 years. Here comes again the shame and guilt for Hakkan as he had not gone through enough already. I even had the fear tat Fiko would blame Hakkan and believe that he manipulated Sibel. Good God forbid such misunderstandings.

Yes my heart broke again when Fiko was confronting Sibel and pouring his heart out, yes my right fist felt the pain he did when he hit the wall from anger, yes I closed my eyes just in case he would hit it for a second time. No I can not see this guy go through more that he already has.

While the brother hood and everyone's friendship ties are at stake there is a more urgent issue that must be dealt with and its our beloved coach.

Our coach Tarik that had just gotten the custody of his daughters he could not just get a break.

It would be unbelievable. Almost like a joke to your ears when I would tell you this guys was sacked. When this guy would put his all on the line and for his team I guess some people such as the school director had their own interest in mind. Money makes the world go around as they say so here as well it was the reason to play with hopeless people who work with all the pleasure of their heart for just some small reward.

Perhaps in this world these people always get manipulated.

Tarik Aksoy, a doomed legend. Bahar Hoca doomed to be alone. Its hard being on the outside, it hurts you deep inside. Not that you are not happy for your loved one but the fact that they might be getting along without you and in fact forgetting completely about feels like a stab in your stomach. The more she tries to make things right, to lessen the distance from Tarik the more it seems like its getting worse. Like being the other women.

With everyone struggling to find a way out for Tarik so he can go back to his job. including Sibel, Bahar Hoca, Secil, the team has no intention of holding back.

Ali puts his mind to work and he comes up with a plan that anyone would just scream NOOOOO. But yet again they have nothing to lose and all willing to risk everything thus one deep dark night they put forth the plan to kidnap Kinvanc's father. Five young individuals, Hakkan, Fiko, Sado, Ali and Melis, in a yellow Taxi start following him while he leads the to the unexpected, his mistress. Smartly the plan changes and they decide to get pictures for blackmail.

From the start of the plan until they get caught, cause yes spoiler they do get caught we enjoyed funny and refreshing moments. All until they all have a gun on their back. How will they get away with this one I wonder and I wait for tomorrow, Saturday.

There is one more thing we all are waiting to see and that is Secil. I must admit I love her, since she represents a life worth of sacrifice and selflessness. The moments she spent with the girls and Tarik brought a smile to my face as I did not want her to be portrayed as a mean character and with little airing time.

As mentioned many secrets were out in this episode and the cherry on the top came from Secil. "I am in love with you Tarik"

Have you got any idea how heavy these words are? They can make or break a relationship. Once inside for a lifetime and now they are out in just seconds. The secret is out

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