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I have been planning to write this post for a long time , today I'm finally doing it.

Berk Atan's first big appearance was in Gunesion Kizlari there is always one show where actors/actresses get famous from for Berk it was Güneşin Kizlari he played as savas a broken young guy who didn't have any hopes for living wanted to be hidden from other people because he blamed himself for the life changing events that had happened - losing his girlfriend however just as he was giving up on everything Nazli came and they made a powerful couple that won the heart of many viewers and even till today the fans of savnaz are still keeping their memory alive and still showing them a large amount of support .

What made me write this post isn't because of Güneşin kizlari but berk's recent series Dayan Yuregim from the first episode I saw how much he had improved as an actor how confident he felt in his role but as the new episode started to come out I realised his ability and that this is just the beginning of his successful journey, in particular there was a scene in the final episodes where atif found out the truth about his mother and the dirty things she had been doing berk's acting in that scene was unbelievably good another scene which stood out for me was the first episode where he hit seray's little brother selim while he was talking to his mum .

These were just the scenes that stood out more for me I believe his performance in dayan yuregim has definitely opened up very great opportunities for him.

beside his acting I think berk is one the most kind and sweet young actors of turkey with his fans and also the people he works with he always has very good relationships which I personally believe to be successful in this career your skills in acting are only a very small part of your job but who you are and how you treat your supporters and the people you work with are twice as important.

I am very excited to see his journey I am sure he will be very successful in the coming years.

I recommend you to watch this short video from the first episode of Dayan Yuregim where atif hits selim .


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