No309- Onur's accident...Lale's realization of her love for onur !

This episode had finally something to look forward to. The show started with a beautiful day for Lale and Onur, but Erol and Filiz had something else in mind, Filiz causes confusion in lale's mind about her first date (meeting) with Onur, makes Lale talk to him. On questioning Onur gets angry and leaves. As they are alone,they start thinking logically with cool mind as they both are angry at each other and Onur decides to go to talk to her but meets an accident. Meanwhile Lale comes back home and nobody knows the whereabouts of Onur, which makes everyone tensed. In the meanwhile songul gets a call from Onur's mother about the accident and at the same time Lale calls Onur and gets to know about his accident. Everyone is tensed as Onur has internal bleeding but the doctor tells the good news that everything is good. Lale takes care of Onur as she realized her love but Onur shows reluctant behavior towards Lale.

The promo looks interesting so now we have to wait and watch how Lale wins back Onur's trust.

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