Adi Efsane - Myths with everyday struggles

Adi Efsane translated as The Legendary is about the simplest man you could ever meet and perhaps you would thought of being the most hopeless man that exists. You might be quite right there cause he is indeed hopeless. Tarik Aksoy former basketball legend who had it all as one would say. Now in the deepest of holes, those that you seem not to be able to get out. This show started with such an excitement due to the fact for the first time after a while it was portraying the everyday struggling life of men like Tarik and boys of the hood as Hakan, Fikret, Ali and Sadik. These four that were thought to be helpless, those kids that will not end up anywhere and especially being in the neighborhood they are no one is thought to become something from there, So much so that the kids themselves have already accepted that.

This story starts with Tarik looking for a job and a coaching one so with the help of it he can get the custody of his two daughters who he has lied to and disappointed numerous times. Melis and Zeynep who have been living with their aunt since their father gave up on them after their mother's death. Despite all difficulties Tarik is being offered a temporarily position as a coach in this infamous high school where the boys mentioned are at. No one is thought to be able to tame these boys and especially the leader of them Hakan. Little do they now they will slowly become each other's hope and later on a big family who leaves no one behind.

For Tarik to get the job he needs to get the boys attention and make them wanting to be trained. Afterwards he need to put a team together and enter tournaments where they will face the best teams with one specific team being from Melis'd high school and whose team captain, Kivanc, is Melis's boyfriend. Tarik will face many obstacles in his way of settling in his new school but he cetainly has his own way and his ways might not be accepted by everyone and the one who will be most vocal about is Bahar Hoca, the school's literature teacher. From the get go the misunderstanding between these two sparks the fire that will bring them closer than they thought. Eeryone in this story is struggling with their lives and in their own ways. Tarik struggling with his girls' mistrust and his team, the boys each struggling with their families and love lives, Melis will be struggling between Tarik's world and her own comfortable bubble, Zeynep with her sister sue to the fact that she wasnt to be with her father but her sister and aunt, Secil, stand as an obstacle.

Will Melis give another chance to the changed Tarik? Will the team trust in the dream Tarik is promising them and play for him to win the tournament/. Will Tarik and Bahar actually get to unveil what draws then to eachother? Will Bahar be able to leave her past behind her and open her heart? Will Secil give up on the girls and let them live with Tarik? Will she reveal her long hidden feeling about Tarik to him? Will Melis chose to get out of her bubble and face the real, bitter life that will actually make you feel liberated ? Will she let lose ? Will she take off this defensive shield he has and be honest to herself about the feelings of hers that are changing towards the ''bad boy'' Hakan? Will Hakan be able to hold her hand in front of everyone and mostly his coach Tarik?

This story is humble, real, emotional, eyeopening, rough, tough, heartbreaking, magical and it will keep you glued to the TV every Saturday until you can answer all of the mentioned questions and more as well as experienceing all the stories to be revealed as the lives of our characters goes on.


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