No309-The most awaited episode...Disappointed everyone!

The cutest turkish tv series of 2016-17 named No309 has been one of the most promising series... why??? I will tell you why, its story telling had the viewers glued to the television for a year.It can be said that the actors of this show have become a part of the lives of the comman people, the actors have touched millions of hearts around the world through their acting skills.Lead actor Furkan palali has not only managed to win the hearts of girls around the wold but has made an image of the hero every single girl dreams of. The lead actress Demet ozdemir has shown the inner beauty that every girl possess perfectly which makes you love her... Over the year the series has managed to make a mark on people's mind and soul.The love between lale and onur has mesmerized everyone because their love is unique.People want more of that love because lale and onur have suffered alot in their lives and they want them to patch up so that they can witness their love scenes again .

As for yesterday's episode (episode 48), believe me when the promo was out it was so promising that made the viewers so excited but unfortunately all of their excitment went in vain the scenes between lale and onur were not that much.The scenes of the beloved couple of lale and onur were very much less as expected but in the last scene when they kissed was a treat and a better ending to the boring and dull episode.

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