Phenomenon series - Kiralik Ask

One of the most talked about series of turkey in the past 2 years has been kiralik ask it is truly a phenomenon series and let me tell you why.....

First of all the most important feature of a good series is the scenario and for kiralik ask it definitely was the success point as I can remember this type of scenario was not written for a few years it was something very different and new although it might have been very simple to think of .

starting with a common situation we all might experience in life "being forced to be with someone " and trying to get ourselves out of that situation which omer did in a surprising way however if he had to do that later in the series I would not believe it because as later we got know his character he came across as a very cold man rarely showing his feeling so to go and kiss someone he doesn't know just to get out of the situatin neriman had got him into would have been not real .

then we get to defne again because she was not that typical girly girl who likes to wear high heels and put makeup on the audience instantly found the connection with her especially the younger audience I have to say elcin sangu portrayed that role so well she became defne and hats what a sucessful actress should do there was not one point where I thought she was "acting" she was being defne.

Beside the great start of the series , the opposition of the main characters was something very interesting too people had this question how can someone like defne work or get on with someone like omer but as we got to see they changed and became more understandable people defne made his softer side more saturated and omer made her fragile side stronger .

one of the other reasons I think any series can be sucefull is the cast and their relationship therefore here its very obvious that the special friendship between elcin and baris really helped them but its not just about the actors the whole acst plays a role from the director to all the people working behind the scenes .

apart from these two main characters the others were also very significant in the story they all had a important role which centrists can rarely pull of because they concentrate of the main charahtres so much for example neriman and koray phenomenon charchters which managed to make us laugh but cry and even sometimes we were on their sides , Sinan always caring for omer and defne always the one who would say "don't worry everthing will be ok" nihan , iso , yasemin etc I cant leave by not saying a massive congaltions to the scenarit .

as far as my opinion goes I was not so keen on he first season but the second season was so good overall I recommend you to defenitly watch it .

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