Welcome To My TV Lounge !

Hi there and welcome before you start browsing around I want to tell you a little bit about myself and our site .

Its been about 3 years since I got into Turkish series and their cinema field , as the years have gone by I have learned so much about the acting field in turkey beside that I started a few fan pages to support some my favourite actors of this country and so I have mange to master this beautiful language since I like talking about things related to acting I thought its a good idea to start a blog and write my opinions about.... well about everything but in particular the series and actors of turkey .

Now you might ask why are you doing this in English , as I have been following this community for a few years now I have witnessed how popular Turkish cinema is outside turkey and of course some of us might not speak this language so it can be hard to share our thoughts therefore I thought that doing this in English is something different and can create a place where non Turkish audiences can come together :)

So lets start our journey

lots of love *S*


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